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I have been creatively processing much of what goes on in my life onto this webpage.

I have addressed many topics and interests which are near and dear to my heart.


In the busy workaday creative process, I have neglected much in my life in pursuit of Dreams,

Dreams which have been avenues of hope and autonomy.


I have become so similar to those traits that I have attempted to avoid.  I begin to see the danger in concentrating so strongly on that which is unpleasant, in order to avoid becoming that very unpleasantness.  You see how Energy works, it is a very very subtle balance.  Priorities should be set at Love first and everything else second, for when things become so intense that you no longer care about the environment that is held around you, it becomes an issue of contamination of Beauty. 

I have just recently moved NATURE'S BALANCE

home to the natural surroundings and home of the heart.

In my haste to share New Milleneum Hopes, I forgot that Beauty is like a magnet.  Sometimes we so long to absorb every essence as in Love, but we also become so magnetized to the Beauty without the responsibility of controlling the passion; that we mindlessly market anything to make a buck, without a thought to humanity, ecology, kindness, and Oneness.


Forgive me.  I wanted this site as a haven, I wanted my life to be a beacon for others to KNOW that the Beloved of our Hearts is the only thing that there is. My life is dedicated to Love, for that very Love affords us the Divine Grace to be at poignant moments the reflection of our Beloved and to achieve that which is our Birth Purpose.  Truth, Joy and Bliss for all alike, as has been taught to me at the Most Resilliantly Loving Feet of Sant Darshan Singh, the Glorious Tresses of Beloved Sant Kirpal Singh and all the Holy Sants from time immemorial and Most Graciously Resplendent Living Master Sant Rajinder Singh and on into forever.


In my haste to be acknowledged in this endeavor, I never even questioned origin.  I am not here to lay blame nor point fingers, only to remind those who group things together because of association, that things are not always as they appear.


We must be Aware and Descremating!

1. One who is proclaimed to be of a Godmouthpiece nature, must be loving, selfless in his endeavors for humanity at large, above normal extrasensory perceptive and allows you to know that they know what is in your heart, and above all, would not compromise you in any way ... physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, nor financially.  And Above All should be empowering you spiritually and in your efforts to progress in detachment from anything physical and yet more tenderly aware of the sensitivities of self, others, and all of Life.

True Godmen exemplify all Scriptures, especially the core teachings of non-violence, in thought, word, and deed.  Living a life of Love, Self-realization/God-realization, Joy and Truth within yourself, before judging others ... therefore, you never get to the judging of others for that commitment is all encompassing in itself.

Once you are given implicit proof in the Inner Teachings, you may walk through this world unaffected.  All of Life is a gift from Creator ... Sweet is Thy Will!

"Peace Be Unto the Whole World Over, under Thy Will, O God."  (Beloved Master Sant Baba Swan Singh)

All seekers are on the Way and we must be respectful and loving to each other.

And the more you See of these things, the more Silent you become ...and fear is evaporated.

Godmen are not interested in forcing others to do anything which feels uncomfortable.  If you are compelled to do anything, it should be done with Awareness that you and your soul are being empowered in not being a slave to the outer world, but more immersed in the Freedom, Divine Bliss, and Peace of Meditation and that Communion with the Divine within each being.

Money is not even in the picture, Sacredness is of a Divine Nature ... Spirituality.  Divinity knows the responsibility of resources and the karmic load that is involved.  They carry these material bonds as meticulously as if it were a full bowl of milk;  their vision is beyond ours and is all-encompassingly devoted to the Divine Will of the One Mother/Father Creator.

Commercialism and Grabbing do not belong here, let it go.  Take a few deep breaths and learn to identify those whose Energy sets you Free and who make you feel stronger!!!!



"We would dance in jubilation, if we knew how much we were loved!" ....(Sant Kirpal Singh)



Go Jolly!!  (Sant Kirpal Singh)

Rearrange your priorities and make your life more simple, and little by little you will chip away at that which is ephemorel.  The True Beauty lies in your Peace and Serenity Within.

All Glory of Enlightenment is given to the Beloved Path of the Masters



Masters of All Time & Climb

that Unite us as One Family.


No Matter what culture, name, religious affiliation, or belief structure - Love is of the Essence.



Science of Spirituality

Meditation of the Holy Light of Naam and Celestial Music of the Spheres and The Glorious Unchangeable Creator, which is free for all, enhances and brings Light and Sound to all scriptures, unites us all as the Sacred One - Alpha & Omega.



"O Cupbearer, the intoxicating wine you served

overflowed the goblet of my heart,

And now I am in love with all humanity.


Embrace every man as your very own,

And shower your love freely

wherever you go.


I have learned to cherish all creation as my own,

Your message of love is the very meaning of my life.


What does it matter if I am called a man?

In truth I am the very soul of love;

The entire earth is my home

And the universe my country.


From dawn to dawn, let us speak of peace and listen

to the message of love,

The shower-laden clouds of Sawan have enveloped

the tavern of time,

O Cupbearer, let the cup of love

go 'round and 'round and 'round."



             (from the Grace of the Heart of the Beloved Master,)

Sant Darshan Singh Ji Maharaj


Science of Spirituality link is on my Favorites, next to the Angel Animation,

or you may

click the link here