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Truth and the New Millenneum brings Light to all that has been said about our changing Universe.


We as a body of human beings, that is Creator-filled Beings given so - called "dominion" over all elements; even though, the truth is that we are all in the same boat and Love is All there is, so all is sacred and due unbelievable respect


Clarity comes with the Christed Golden Age, and with this clarity comes sacred responsibility in Awakening.   Witnessing the growth expansion of our own true selves; forgiving ourselves and others as we learn our lessons to the best of our abilities.  Then we must take this new Awareness and make the most of it.  Share and care for our Living Conditions as a Family of Sacred Loving Consciousness, and use this Living Awareness for the upliftment of ourselves and all humanity.


We must stand together and create the most Loving, Sacred, Gentle, Functional Wonder for Oneness, All-Encompassing Beauty and Joy while the clarity stands.


We are more now, than ever, standing in the same Sacred Soup together; feeling the same Wonder, Amazement, and Uncontrollable Transformations.


Let us make them with Heart, and Happiness and Unselfish Bliss as our Barometers and Compasses.  Let our Inner Voices become strong and clear in balance and remain True to Ourselves and the Sacred ONE of All That IS!


Then we will live, breathe, and sleep in Freedom, Bliss, and Peace.


All Glory to the Beloved of our heart of Hearts!!



Love Always,

Seluna (*.-)


PS.  Thanks to Leigh Anne's MIDI World on Angelfire through Google

and of course,

Thanks to Kansas for  "Dust In The Wind"