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Congratulations on 2004!!!


We have grown so multi-dimensionally and so instantly, that all seem to be aware of the head-spinning, self-introspective aloofness, and even numbness of the changes in our new world prospectives since the 2000 Millennium mark.


                   From my Perspective:               


2000 - was hang on and try to take it all in and sweep out all the obsolete and stale, to make room for Heaven on Earth Creative Flourishing.

2001 - rang in the sense of awe, in experiencing things on such a tremendous scale of ever changing challenges.  A bit of "agony and ecstacy" - there were visions of incomprehensible challenges.  Jumping into the new, like the leap of faith, brings with it new fathoms of challenges that scare the bejeebies out of you and that exhilarate you as well.  We never dreamed of the happiness, progress in self and relationships, and hopes; and yet they fall to the same intensity in disappointments and dissillusionments.  -  But with much improved tools for becoming less effected spiritually, that strength from within and the deepness of Love from and for Creator, Nature, and fellow humans.

2002 - toled the coming of dreams, the fulfillment of surpassed expectations, of blissful going with the flow.  There was a sense of how will this turn and flow?  The beauty was so unsurpassed that you really did not quite care - it would be in the hands of the BELOVED - Sweet Surrender to Divine Will.

2003 - surfaced with a few scrapes and bruises that just to seem to be small in comparison to what might before have been intolerable; but was soothed by the increase of calm, silence, and removal from what was once so predictable.  Humility of being beyond our control and yet an inner balance and endurance of the joys of the inner life and beauties beyong the physical.  And and huge dose of - Gratitude.


Now, does this pattern sound familiar?


May I take this precious NOW and wish you the most sacred and blissfully fulfilling 2004,

my dearest brothers and sisters - fellow co-creators of the Divine Plan.


May we take the Divine Mission that we were created for, listening silently and intentionally to our Sacred Inner Connections in completing this Perfect Individual Effort in complete repose of the Beloved's Arms.


All Love & Glory to the Mother Father Creator!


And most Wondrous Energy Hugs for YOU and All Life Eternally!


Love Always,


Seluna (*.-)


PS  Thanx to   Leigh Ann's MIDI World  on Angelfire through Google

Thanx to Simon & Garfunkle too!