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Tribute to My Teachers - A Sanctuary of the Ocean of Grace Divine






Happy, Happy ... Late ... oops!








June, 2000

Well, I must apologize for the delay on this Wondrous occasion .... excuses are really never quite good enough!!  LOL (Laugh Out Loud)  So, why not make this tribute to Fathers .... Sacred Fathers!!


Beloved Sacred Fathers ... with Joy and Humor ...

balancing the Yin and Yang ... Mother/Father


Thank All The Forces that Be ....

Always Forgiving and Merciful Father!!


He Always takes us by the hand and Lovingly

leads us back HOME!!






















All Glory to the Beloved

For Breaking my Heart


in order to get me where I need to BE!!





All Love Always to the Sacred Fathers!!



(Thanks to the Beatles for the melody ... Golden Slumber.... showing us the way back homeward)

And to Bearchele and Sam