Crystal Meditation Center

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Tribute to My Teachers - A Sanctuary of the Ocean of Grace Divine








Natures Balance 

A Key to Temple Wellness



  A Multi-dimensional Interface.



Nature's Balance is a Sanctuary

for the Healing Arts


We Offer:

A Crystal & Metaphysical Gift Shop



with Quiet Congenial  Atmosphere



Body, Mind, Spirit Integration

with Chiropractor and MD available for

Gentle, Safe, and Effective Care

to suit individual needs


Light Resonance Energy Institute

for working with the subtle bodies

including crystal singing bowl



healing & meditation sessions

as well as

individualized & custom crystal layouts


Creativity Connection Collective

supporting and enhancing your natural creative abilities into your natural rhythms


Meditation & Ethical Living Support


Sacred Vision Educational & Active Sharing



For More Information - Call (479) 582-0398


and please check back for more updates

as this is a work in progress

Thanks! (*.-)