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This is where my Search for Spirituality has taken me:  Please visit all my pages with LOVE and an OPEN heart, take what is meant for YOU in Gratitude and that which is not in a totally unaffected manner.  Everyone is where they are to learn the Lessons necessary for Growth, that which we do not Resonate with is not meant for us, and therefore, teaches us the lesson of being unaffected  or "Air Conditioned" as my Teacher often said .........Thank You....from My Self to Your Self and Our ONENESS. *VBS

There Comes A Time in your Life when you search for your Truth.  My criteria has been one of who can teach me to be, feel, and experience Inner Light & Sound, Love, Joy & Peace in my own world and expanded to the Universal Connection and All LIFE.  This takes me to manifesting my mission of His Divine Plan that I agreed to and in being a Co-creator  - as we all are when we are ready to do so. This entails self-realization and expansion to affecting changes within myself that extend to my fellow Beings who are also equally manifesting their Divinity all to the Glory of the ONE.  I judge my Teacher by this ability and the accomplishments and expansion of this Love In Action.  We all must learn from someone that by example shows you the way to your True Self and a life of Loving Who you are and all the reflections we experience of Each Other.

This Sacred Awakening has given me the Sacred Gift of being able to embrace all religions, races, and unlimited acceptance of what others have chosen to experience as their lessons....unconditional Love....and forgiveness of self and the degrees I align myself with the Divine Path of LOVE and the Divine Grace I allow myself the receptive skills of accepting.  ALL GRATITUDE to the BLISSFUL DIVINE INTOXICATION of the BELOVED of our Heart Of HEARTS, we all are mere individual humble reeds of the Indescribable Beauty of the Divine Light & Sounds states of Conscious Expressions.






Science of Spirituality






My Husband's web page, mostly car stuff.







Spirit Web Chat


Bridge_A Very Special Metaphysical IRC Chat




Celestine Prophecy Chat - Celestinevision


QuanYins Garden

(for sanctuary of delightful scenery)

Dreaming Angel


(for those who thirst for enchanted forests of the Soul)


Rose of Friendship

(for those who want a little sweet fun)





The buttons I place on the various pages, which are linked to their original site are to give credit to the beautiful art creations which embellish my pages......Love Light Peace Joy & Gratitude are sent to them for their Beautiful Energy....I hope you enjoy their diverse beauty also.......*Seluna* (*.-)





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