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This page is dedicated to the Spiritual and Emotional Aspects of our Wellness Balance.   This is the place where philosophy, psychological ideals, and spiritual beliefs will be addressed in an open, respectful, generous, and gracious manner.  Where all people may realize they are loved unconditionally and equally and infinitely.

MONDAY * November 8, 1999 - 2004

   My Divine Morsel  - to share with you today is - You are that Precious Soul that was birthed on this planet many breaths ago and many lifetimes before and perhaps aeons.....    You are treasured and valued in that most vulnerable of tender places of your to realize Who you really are.....LOVE.   So Love yourself, you are sitting in the spark of Creation,


Love Yourself,.... Know yourself.....what makes you FEEL you are YOU, and Be yourself..........,Enjoy yourself........ Create  Joy,  Beauty,  Kindness and the Gentleness,  Freedom, Glory,  and LIGHT& SOUND of the SELF

---- Then Walk this Earth knowing that every MORSEL of consciousness is in some way a reflection of YOURSELF, we are connected in this vibrational-way and we are ONE, recognizing our Oneness in Infinitely Unique Expressions.


Your Loving Spirit Sojourner -* Seluna *


November 27, 1999 -2004

Gem of the Day

    The idea occurred to me over the Thanksgiving Holidays, of how grateful I am to have an open heart for freedom of perceiving pros and cons of any set of perceptions - mine or someone else's.  I find myself being very uncomfortable within myself if I see a strong imbalance in others.  Then I seem to proceed to getting myself off balance in order to counteract the impact; and strong rebuttal ensues, whether verbal or mental.  I realized BALANCE is the key.


Affirmation of the Day:  I seek Balance in every distraction, perhaps this is my inner guide, informing me of the need to move to another area of the big picture, as an artist continually balances his colors, lights, shapes, and textures.


Prayer of the Day:  May I seek to become Balanced and at Peace with the pace of  my own Realization of Perfection,

 Thanking my Inner Nudges, and Focusing on the Big Picture of Eternally Walking in The Beauty and White Light. 




DECEMBER, 1999 - 2004

Gem of the Month


     The month of December is such an Ominous time for most of the World.  There are numerous celebrations of the Christ Consciousness in a myriad of perspectives depending on the individual consciousness and its cultural, experiential, and idiosyncratic preferences.   It is truly a Wonder to the senses of the body, mind, and spirit.  The pace is so intense that the air is thick with excitement and emotions.  The family and friendly ties of the season are renewed and recharged in various fashions.  The month is symbolic of multi-dimensional reflection, review, regrowth, and rejuvenation.  It leaves you with a completely exhaustive infusion of insights,  hopes, expectations, and dreams which you put into play for the next year's celebration.  So, in essence, the emphasis of the month of December is a test of how well you have put the trials and tribulations (active pieces of personal interactions and projected plans) of Life in order for the year with the element of Love, which is the synchronistic Creative Force of all Creation - Divine Light & Sound.  

(*.*) - (And WE Wonder why we are TIRED!!!!!..........LOL) - (*.-)


Affirmation of the Month:  I Love myself with all my shortcomings, for we all are family on the Road to Perfection - the Good Red Road or whatever be your choice.  We each have a Sacred Purpose and Mission to the Divine Path, and in that perspective, hold a Sacred Piece of the Divine One strictly due to our own Sacred Individuality.  Therefore, let us rejoice in our Sacred Individuality and Love ourselves for being where we are and knowing this is just a Lesson Stop for measuring our progress along the Heavenly Route.


Prayer of the Month:  O Beloved of our Heart and Guardians of our Being,  may we SEE the mirror and interplay of mirrors of our individuality as the perception of our need to hear the Cry of the Soul in ourselves and each other for LOVE, Kindness, and Tender Understanding  Patience in Learning our Sacred Lessons of the Divine Path.



Merry Christmas & a Most Blessed - Joyous Future Millinneum & New Year   ((((((((((((((((((((Hugs from my Heart to Your Heart)))))))))))))))))))

Peace, Love, Joy, and Heaven on Earth

For All

As we Walk in the Beauty and the White Light

 Earth, Cosmos, & Higher Self - ONE


January 2000


Seluna wishes a Wonderful New Year for All and

A Blessed Renewal of Life and All of Our Great and Sacred Earth and Universal ***Very Bright Smiles***


This time for me is a time of inventory and reappraisal of how I desire to spend the rest of my life centered in my Uniqueness and Sacred Center.


Body * Mind * Spirit Renewal


Physical Renewal of Nutritional Habits:  More fresh veggies and fruits and clear filtered water and lots of Sweet Prayers of Blessings for a fit Sacred Temple Body for the Soul flourishing.


Mental Focus and Awareness:  Journaling to understand my thought patterns and how to improve my mental habits.  Maintaining a positive outlook in order to weed out old worn-out baggage.  Get to the Matter at hand in bringing a little bit of heaven and creativity into expression with joy in my heart in knowing and expressing who I really am.


Spiritual Communion:  Managing my time and lifestyle to give Gratitude and Meaning to every Life Breath Blessing of our Sacred Existence, and seeing that All and Everyone is LOVE just mirroring the role of diversity and knowing in the sacred school of Truth.


Affirmation & Prayer:  Humble Gratitude for Being the I Am and We Are as ONE  to the Beloved of our Being so that we may always Walk in the Gentle Beauty and White Light Lovingly and Joyfully Together.   AHO!   (*.-) Seluna


Happy Glorious Transformation for a Sacred New Millenneum!!




February, 2000-2004


All We Need Is Love

Trusting that we all are well on our way to tuning into our Divine Plan and implementing "doing what we love and loving what we do", let us revel in the sheer JOY, BEAUTY, and Universal PANACEA of  LOVE


Seluna loves you all and sees you all as Perfect Beings blessed with endless Grace; and therefore, endless potential in attaining endless Perfection - The Sacred Journey....


Sharing....Walking in the Gentle Beauty and White Light Together (*.-)

((((((((((((((((Warm Fluffy HUGS)))))))))))


Affirmation & Prayer:  May we Live our Lives as the Loving Prayer that it is our birthright to Be, in All the Glory of the Beloved of our Valentine Hearts.  AHO!


May you make this your most Loving and Gracious  -  Happy Valentine's Day  - living the Glory of the Moment Forever!!!


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