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The St. Paddy's Day Parrot is telling the Elves how bad this stuff is for them!  LOL                   (Laugh Out Loud)










Flourite Gem of the Month




March 2000


We enter the beginning of the seasonal thaw, and the renewal of the Actively Creative & Sacred Body, Mind, Spirit manifesto

of the the New Person that we have become.


We remember that Happiness and Joy and Sacred Gratitude spark our Success.


Exercise, healthy fresh fruits, veggies, legumes, and grains revive our bodily needs with a proper supply of sparkling cool refreshing clear water.





Fresh breaths of sweet fresh air, stretches of delight, tickling laughter of the joy of just Being, and sweet melodies brimming from the head, heart, and soul.

Nice happy walks of inspired awareness of the Light, Color, Natural Balance of All Nature, and Vibrancy of Living Buoyancy.


Releasing all restricted clutches of old habits and moving with ease, fluidity, and a happy, healthy, bounce of that ecstatic puppy or kitty (*.-)



Wishes of mounds of Joyful Hugs, a symphony of tinkling jigs, a sworm of Top 0 the Mornins' to ya!


And Warm Begora and Irish Eyes a Smilin' Waves!



May your Heart be full of LOVE,

Loving Eyes of joyful tears,


Meetings of many warm, Smiling Faces and

Endless Happy Deeds and Thoughts,

 Sacred Peace and Beautiful Places


an end  to all fears.



Know Seluna loves You as the mirrors of Self that we all are and your Sacred Being with the Endless Creative Potential that makes us each a STAR!





Shining On!





Like Crazy Diamonds!