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Easter Brings .... April Showers,


Sacred New Beginnings!


Gem of the Month


The smokey quartz crystal is the gem of releasing depression, discouragement, and old negative habits.  It encourages transformation to the new renewed outlook and if it contains rutilations or golden and/or silver streaks, that increases the speed of transformation





The Message of the Bunny Rabbit for the

 Animal Totem


This beautiful animal of incredible softness and lovability...tells of its tremendous powers to manifest its focus...which is fear...the little bunny broadcasts its fear to warn of approaching danger with a shocking squeal!   This reminds us to rid ourselves of old habits, fears, negative ideas, and manifest strongly and determinedly to focus our new life of Beauty, Free Spirited Fluidity, Courage, and Lofty Hopes and Visions into Destined Divinities of Universal Joy.




Now I would like to share and honor some more of my wonderful Creative Genius Resources for the beautiful Animations and Gifs!!  Thanx!!








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Thanks Again Janis for the Angels!!

You can access Janis' artwork from the link on Favorites!!!



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Keep on Walkin in the Beauty & the White Light...Together!!