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More Favorites & Healing Arts  My First Awards

Tribute to My Teachers - A Sanctuary of the Ocean of Grace Divine












More Favorites & Healing Arts


Here are some wonderful opportunities to open or expand your ideas to some alternative approaches with an artistic flair.  I hope you enjoy these little ADVENTURES!!!   (*.-)


Moods & Tastes               Site Location              Description

Grandmas Snuggles       Each Life Affects Another       Music & Sweetness

Native Healing  A Native American Medicine Woman's Lodge  Earth Wise

Multiple Energy Sources     Vibrational Healing     Colors, Patterns, Smells

***You must go to Sacred Geometry in the Vibrational Healing***

((((((( Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways)))))))

This is a site for further information on Light Awakening;

it is a Feast of Spirituality

you should be able to find a flavor which resonates with your Energy (*.-)