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Tribute to My Teachers - A Sanctuary of the Ocean of Grace Divine









Are We Ready??


The time has come my Dear Companion Sojourners!


For Us to put away the Masks

and So take our Stand....


Speak with One Mind

One Heart

And One Purpose


For the Good of Individual Self

and  Higher or Cosmic Self - Sacred One



*We must begin a New Dawn*

each day or each Awakening ...




*We must see with New Eyes*



each lifeform is Sacred and is capable of sharing its Sacred Purpose ...




*We must think with New Focus*

the Sacred Now

is all that you have to work with

honor your own inner world

you are Divine


others of Our Relations

are as well ....



Make each Moment a Monument of Glory unto the Sacredness of the One


*Become the Co-Creator of the Divine Plan*




Find your Talents

and live and breathe with them

sharing Sacred Beauty

of What Your Ideals ARE





When your Energy drops

Go Within for More

and More



Sacred Loftiness

*There are No Limits*












My Heart to Your Heart




I Love You


My Fellow Beings!



Special Thanks


for these Beautiful

Spiritual Love Offering

pieces of Art!!


and for "The Stand" midi

to Greywolfcub