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Tribute to My Teachers - A Sanctuary of the Ocean of Grace Divine







YOU  &  I

You and I become We.

More and more souls are still We.

WE create a collective WHOLE,

which creates a consciousness

that represents the FOLD.



Vote, did you approve and agree with all that now IS?

Can you change that - the flow & the biz?



Yes, begin with I, eye, I !

Do not allow for a moment, the understanding

that you do not feel your own pains and those of others!

Feed the children, animals, friends and lovers -

We are Family - of Sisters and Brothers!



You are Children of Creator/Creatoresse

Beyond gender, Beyond stress.




This moment and forever more ..

Be responsible for easing your pain,

Accept your position of  responsible gain.


Let us join Hearts and Hands

to heal these wounds and this land;

and vow to feel good again.


It is our birthright you SEE!

To live in joy and purity,

speak from the Heart and to be Free

and do not settle for less

All Glory BE!


to the Beloved of all Hearts of Hearts

humble lover

Seluna (*.-)


(Thanks Roy Orbison for Love Hurts)

Monday Early & Bright and my Soul took flight ......3/29/2004

OK, Just for Fun!


Let us take the challenge and go out on the limb, so to speak.  Presume for one day, one week, one month, one year, one hour, one minute, one second that you were in the midst of Sacredness ... Jesus, Buddha, Great Spirit, Mother Mary, Joseph, Moses, Abraham, Kwan Yin, OM, Rumi, Goddess, Kabir, Nanak, St. Germaine, Higher Self, A Room full of Saints, Sants, Angels, Love Ones who Love You without End.


Gingerly, breathe in the Essence of Kindness, Permeating Love, AtOneMent with All that IS.  Acknowledge the Beauty and Blessedness of All Elements and Gifts of Refreshing Gentleness and Sweetness.  Savor the Serenity, Bathe in the Purity,  Beauty, and Bliss ... Be At PEACE ...Wrap Yourself in this, Be Grateful, Open Your Heart, Tingle with Blessedness ... Take a Deep Breath and Share with every living Atom!


We are All Loved,

Thank All those Teachers who walk amongst You, which is everything and everyone!


Everything is Creator/Esse ... ONE.



Thank You!!!